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There is a time for everything

Updated: Jun 13

We’re several weeks into lockdown and the uncertainty of the future for our country remains. What will an end of lockdown look like? When will it happen?

At the beginning of the month I spoke from Ecclesiastes which has a particular emphasis on recognising the only certainties of life: death and God. The aim is to let the former point you to the latter. There is a time to grieve and many of us are grieving someone or something. The loss of family or friends may be the most obvious but many if not all of us will be grieving the loss of connection, of hopes and plans, and even the loss of normalcy. It is OK to grieve and in this recognition of loss let it force you to rely on Jesus. Be honest with Him in prayer, pray like the Psalmist!

As we look forward to changing our name, HOPE is the recognition that things aren’t as they should be but there is something better coming. As we grieve, we recognise the hope of death being defeated (read 1 Corinthians 15 all the way through!), we have hope of freedom from sin, hope of being clothed in honour with all our shame washed away, hope of power over the powers of this world and freedom from fear. What a hope we have! 

The next month we are becoming HOPE. The Church has always been the vessel for sharing the hope of the resurrection and now we are declaring it to all. Let us pray that it stirs conversations and intrigues our neighbours and friends to find out more.

In all this time we will continue to use technology to stay connected as a church family and if you are feeling particularly disconnected at this time, need practical support or just someone to talk to, please do get in touch.


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