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Honouring the prophetic (pt.1) - Dry Stone Walls

Updated: Jun 13

Over the past few months and years, we have had prophetic words given to us as a church, and our next few blogs will be taking a moment to record these for all of us to read, ponder and pray through.

Throughout the Yorkshire Dales there are these prominent dry stone walls, which are a real landmark that is inescapable to notice as you drive through this beautiful countryside.

Catherine, felt that this was a picture of Hope Church in 3 ways.

Firstly, that these walls are made by the careful slotting in and overlaying of the stones. They are not cemented in, but the careful placement of each stone is placed by a master craftsman, which is what gives it it's strength. The master craftsman, doesn't pick up a stone more than once, he can see by its shape and size exactly where it should go. Catherine felt that God, as the master craftsman is continuing to bring many to our church, and slotting them in perfectly. We don't need to fear this phase of growth or worry about how we will manage, but we can trust that God is about a great work bringing people together with all their different gifts and backgrounds.

Secondly, these stonewalls being a significant landmark in the area of the Yorkshire dales, is what Hope Church is to be in Guildford. It is a spiritual landmark for God's glory and His Kingdom. We want Hope Church to be a place where people know the presence of God and where they can encounter Him. Let's keep pursuing His presence, keeping our eyes focused on Jesus.

Thirdly, the walls were built to show the boundaries of the farm land and to bring protection against the wolves. God is using Hope Church to mark out clear boundaries. As a church we trust in the authority of scripture, and believe that God's word is clear, good and gives great wisdom for life. We're called to help people understand the clear boundaries that God sets out in his word. Hope Church is also a safe place, where we have seen many people come and find renewel, respite, care and love. Let's keep helping people be restored in the Lord, built up and ready to press on with His calling.

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