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Honouring the prophetic (pt.3) - Fire station

The 3rd prophetic word that we would like to take some time to pray into was given by Guy Miller on 31st March 2019, when he visited our church to preach.

He said that he could see Hope Church, much like a fire station. That as a church we need to build a fire station here. He said that in time, he believes that God will provide us our own building and it will be a unique place in town, where the community know Hope Church as a place to encounter God.

Unbeknown to Guy, there is a large fire station in Guildford, that is on a main road in the centre of Guildford linking the 4 main areas from north to south and east to west. So as Guy was speaking, it became clear that we are to be a church that is to be accessible to the whole community and reach out to everyone.

So Guy continued to say that he felt God impress on him, that there were 3 applications to this picture...

Firstly, that we all have to get on the fireman's pole. There is a call to servant hearted humility. We all, not just the leaders, have to lower ourselves. The life of God is found not in human pride, effort or wisdom but is found in lowering ourselves to the bottom floor. Guy could see our biggest harvest fields being with children, the poor and those that are often marginalised. In order to serve these groups well, we all need to lower ourselves.

Secondly, we need to don the uniform. We should be pleased and proud that we are part of Hope Church and of Commission. But more importantly, that we our in Christ. He has called us to His mission of rescuing people. We need to put on the uniform, and to rescue those around us that we see, meet and engage with.

The third application was that we should be people who start fires. Fires of His Holy Spirit. Starting in our own prayer meetings and worship nights. That we should allow our passion for worship, to ignite a passion for prayer in our church. Let's be a people that are praying for those who don't know Jesus and be a part of lighting the Holy Spirit in their lives.

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