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About Hope Church

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

We are a Christian Church that believes in God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We've been serving the town of Guildford and beyond, since 2006. In May 2020, we changed our name from Centrepoint Church to Hope Church. We decided to change our name to emphasise who we are. God sent his son to the earth for you. Jesus died for you. Having ascended to heaven, he sent his Holy Spirit to reveal himself to you and established his Church to bring his hope throughout the world.

There is great hope to be found in God, and we are here to reflect that hope in Guildford and beyond.

We see ourselves as a Word and Spirit based people. This means that we believe both in the importance of teaching God's Word (the Bible) and encountering the Holy Spirit. We seek to let this approach permeate everything we do.

As a diverse group of people, what we do together can be summarised in these 3 areas: BUILDING FAMILY, SHARING JESUS and HELPING OTHERS.


We prioritise relationships because we believe we have been created for them. Hope Church is full of people of different ages, stages and backgrounds. Everyone is welcome, including you. We build community each and every day of the week through our Sunday meetings and various groups designed to help you feel connected to each other and to God.


The Gospels teach us that Jesus came to this world to restore people to relationship with God the father. For every person that Jesus interacted with his aim was to do exactly that. As his church we are called to join him in sharing the good news of the gospel with others. From personal interactions, one on one conversations, to doing life together, Sundays, courses, groups and events - we seek to find lots of ways to share Jesus with our community.


As a Church, we are keen to serve our community well and we encourage everyone to be mindful of the people that God has placed around them. There are also great organisations in our community which we actively support and these we call our Hope Works. We do this through volunteering, prayer and by providing much needed financial support so that these great works continue to bring hope to those in need.

What to expect on a Sunday

When we meet together, you can expect vibrant and engaging singing as well as relevant and accessible bible teaching. With safe and stimulating kids groups for all ages, we are confident you will feel welcome.


And guess what, we're not the only ones! Throughout Guildford there a loads of great churches that seek to serve our community, in Jesus name too. We praise God for them, cheer them on and enjoy good friendships with them too.

We're also part of Commission. Commission is a family of churches who actively work together to see God’s kingdom advance through church planting, raising leaders, going to the nations, reaching the unreached and working with the poor.

If you would like to know more you can visit us at 10am on Sundays at the Royal Grammar School, visit our website, or contact us here.

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