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Christmas Carol Booking Details

We’re delighted to let you know that on Sunday 13th December we’ll be meeting again at the Royal Grammar School for our Christmas Carol Service. In line with the governments tiered system that came into place on 2nd December, we’re allowed to meet in a COVID-19 secure way. As such we’re taking the opportunity to do so and celebrate Christmas together.

This will be a great morning including carols, videos, reading, talk and an activity for the kids. Whether you’re watching online or in person were sure you’ll enjoy it. If you wish to be there in person then we would ask you to arrive before 9.50am so that we’re all ready to go live to YouTube at 10am.

Due to the current guidance, attendance will be limited and you will be able to book yourself and your household into the meeting from Monday 7th December at 8am here.

If the event is fully booked, please feel free to add yourself to the waiting list and we will seek to include as many from that into the event also. This is dependent on the size of the household groups booked in, and you will be notified if you have been successful. Please don’t come to the meeting if you have not received booking confirmation as you will not be allowed in.

In order to adhere to the government guidelines, you will be required to wear a facemask, your temperature will be taken on the way in, and we ask you to remain in your household groups throughout. Further FAQ's for the morning can be found below. As this is a new venue for us, it might be that you’ve not been to the Royal Grammar School yet, and we produced a video for our first meeting so you know what to expect.

Hope Church Physical Meeting FAQ (Dec 20
Download • 860KB

At our Christmas Carol meeting we would like to raise money for a great cause. As a church many support individual children in Kenya and across the world through Compassion and as a church we love to regularly help fund a Child Survival Unit.

Compassions Child Survival Unit supports new mums and babies with medicine, health care, nutritional advice, and much more to increase the chances of survival for each baby born. As well as this they help mums to find work and be educated. The chance of survival for each child supported in a child survival unit is 80% greater than those that are not – so this work in Kenya is vital.

In order to give to this you can do so by giving to hope church, with the reference ‘Compassion’. To find out how to give click here.

I very much look forward to celebrating with you


P.S. I would like to thank all those that have gathered together to make hampers for those in our community most in need this Christmas. What a fantastic way to share joy in this season.

If you would like to know more about this, sign up, get involved or request a hamper yourself. Click the image.

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