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Eldership, Commission & Unlocking

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Worship and Prayer nights at Hope Church are always excellent ways to connect with each other & God, and to pray into all the latest news from our church.

This past Wednesday evening was no different when we had the joy of sharing lots of different news, including proposing Stuart Parker for Eldership.

In this short video I share 3 of the key things that we talked about on Wednesday evening including an exciting opportunity we all have to give to the work of Commission and what meeting together looks like for us at the moment, and sharing why Stuart will make an excellent addition to our eldership team. You also get a sneak peek of the new offices - what's not to love.

What Next?

The bible lays out the sort of person an elder should be in Titus 1, 1 Timothy 3 and 1 Peter 5. Please feel free to read through those passages.

Appointing elders is done through a combination of the apostolic (Mark Landreth-Smith), the current eldership team (Phil & I) and the church. Elders are not imposed but received and the church has a God-given responsibility to follow their elders and receive their ministry in faith, as well as to encourage them.

On this basis, if anyone has any biblical reasons for us not to appoint Stuart to eldership then it's important that you let us know straight away. If you agree that he will be a great blessing to our church, then thats really good to know too, so do get in touch with Chris or Phil.

Assuming all goes well, in September we will appoint Stuart to eldership with Mark and more details will come out about that at the right time.

Commission Giving

Lastly, I shared some exciting news about an opportunity we have as a church to give to the important work of our family. On the bank Holiday weekend in August we are going to send a gift from our church to Commission and the money used will be for fulfilling the vision, which is to see...

1000's of lives transformed

through 100's of churches

in 10's of nations

The money will be specifically used to continue to serve the poor, especially those affected by the current pandemic, to plant churches (like we're doing in the middle east), to share the good news with Jesus who have never heard it before, and to continue to equip and encourage churches all around the world, like ours.

If you would like to give then you can do so in all the normal ways found here - please just make sure that you put the reference: Commission.

It's great to continue to meet in the ways that we can - lets keep supporting each other and being the Church.



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