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Roadmap to Unlocking

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

In this brief blog we'll give you an update on the key bits of information regarding what the roadmap to unlocking looks like for us at Hope Church.

One of the things that I can't wait to do is to be in a room, hearing live music, worshipping with everyone, seeing God move amongst us and praying together. I believe that day is not too far away, but there are some key things that we need to do to prepare for us meeting again on a regular basis, some in our control, others not so.

As you know we will be meeting at the Royal Grammar School, this is still for us a new venue and at this stage they have closed external bookings until the restrictions ease, according to the governments roadmap, on June 21st. As such we anticipate that weekly meeting will commence from Sunday 27th June. Leading up to that event we will have full details about attending, covid security, kids work and anything else, but for now the plan is for us to meet regularly each week from then.

In order for us to do that it's worth us all being aware that not everyone will feel comfortable being in a large room of people, and having worked with our team leaders we know that most of our Sunday morning serving teams need more help. Sundays at the start will be light of servers, so please have patience and grace for us as we build our teams up to full strength.

In fact serving is a fantastic way of getting to know people, feeling connected, and contributing to helping people know Jesus. From setup to refreshments to kids work, I'm sure there is a team that you would thrive in.

To find out more about our teams and to sign up, go to church suite | Groups | scroll past the life groups and you'll find the Sunday serving teams. Our life groups will continue to meet during term time, with some of our other ministries having a few one off events.


Church Day Away

On Sunday 18th July, we've booked a lovely spot in Holmbury St. Mary (south of Guildford) to enjoy a great day away together. Again more details will come out soon, but in essence, this will be a day where we can all have fun and reconnect. The morning will be for a church service, followed but a great lunch together, with fun and games in the afternoon.

The village hall that we have hired is surrounded by amazing beauty, it's accessible and provides everything we need. We'll have a bouncy castle for the kids and make sure that everyone has time to relax & reconnect with each other.


Middle East Church Plant

Lastly, Paul and Jo jet off this coming Sunday (2nd May) to start the language learning part of planting a church. On Sunday evening, as with every first Sunday of the month, we'll have an update on them and a chance to pray for them as they embark on this amazing journey. Email for the zoom details if you don't have them.

Feel free to get in touch with the church office for any more info about us

Every blessing


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